To Boone and Back

So here’s the deal. I’m sitting on a plane on a Thursday in October at 8am, curious, excited and a little terrified all at once. I’m travelling about 3000 miles from San Francisco to the tiny town of Boone, North Carolina. And I’m scared out of my mind.

I’m about to lead Dance Your Bliss at the esteemed Art of Living Retreat Center, and I have no idea how I got here...or how I’ll be received.

Dance Your Bliss has a solid community in NY and Philly, but, we’ve never brought DYB to the south. Then it kicks in - this inner wisdom: that when we leap into the unknown, an unlimited number of possibilities just may show up for us - if we’re open to them. After 18 years leading transformational workshops, I can finally own my awesomeness, and all at once I feel more grounded, connected and free.

And guess what? Bringing this state of trust and self-love, the workshop just flowed. My students formed community almost instantly. They were awed by the openness and safety created in our group. But of course that’s my special sauce. I create safe space.

Do you get nervous before a public speaking gig, or a presentation, or some other event? I know I do! So next time, take a big breath, and another, and expect unlimited possibilities to show up and support you - the kinds you can’t see before we’ve taken our scary-as-heck leaps. I have another workshop in November in Santa Cruz. Will I be nervous again? Most likely. And I know that it, the worry, like everything else, will pass.