Feeling So Much at Once...

Hiya Bliss Seekers

I see buds on my phalaenopsis orchids in my office, and frost on my kitchen window. Is it winter? Is it spring?  Can it be both?

So many moments are a mix....joy, confusion, frustration, tentative hope…We feel so much at once.

But then I look over at my huge blue cat, Sophie. She is clucking heartily at a robin perched in our neighbor’s Meyer lemon tree. That’s all she’s thinking about. The bird. Intimidating the heck out of it. Period.

As humans, we have so much going on in our lives and in our heads. We don’t have one thought at a time - we have dozens. This is what can make our lives wild, edgy, overwhelming, exciting and messy.

Right now - I challenge you to be like Sophie. Have just one thing on your mind and in your heart. I really want you to enjoy being you right now. Meditate on it. For one minute. Just a minute. Pretty please. I use the same ole’ phrase each time I meditate:

You are needed in this world. You matter deeply.

Take a moment, place your hand on your heart, trust into your own inherent goodness, your own greatness, the beautiful and authentic and gorgeous parts of you that you may be keeping hidden. And say yes, it’s good to be alive.”

Rachel Fleischman