My New Year's Gift to YOU 🎉

It’s a Brand New Year and Bliss Blessings are here….


As I write this, the wind is whipping with ferocity and the trees outside my living room window are shaking. It feels both tender and auspicious to wave goodbye to 2018 and offers hope and wonder on where the winds of 2019 will take us.

2018 was a deeply challenging year. I also know that some beautiful things happened in these very intense months. Strange, right? Pain, suffering, joy, and magic.  All at once, it is a messy soup of a world.

In my therapy and workshops throughout the year, I invite you to bring ALL of yourself--even the gnarly,confused, and pained parts.

As 2019 begins and our slates are clean and fresh, I am thinking of you. I am beyond grateful for the dancing and laughing we will do. I love to see you shine. As always, I am practicing radical kindness. I invite you to one of my workshops in 2019. One of my favorites is held yearly at the Omega Institute. This year’s dates are July 5th through July 7th. How I would love to dance and move with you if you are able!

If you have come to my workshops, you know how much I love GIVING GIFTS! I feel tickled just writing it! During these crucial times, we need baskets of kindness, so this is how I will begin 2019


A lot of years the gift I love the most is a letter. A hand-written, heart-felt, sweet-as-heck card. As my gift to you, I will be sending you a “Bliss Blessing.” Your very own card made with love.

Just send me your address and I will send your blessing. Be sure to write what you need support on - or what you are working with emotionally at this time. I will send you a hand-written, loving note with lotsa motivation. Just send your info to* Let’s start 2019 off with the simple gift of love and encouragement!

*Your information will be not be shared, sold or whatever unkind people might do 🦄

Rachel Fleischman