The Secret Power of Well Wishes

April is a promise that May is bound to keep. — Hal Borlan

Ah April.

It has been a long winter for many of us. After over a month of dumping rain in San Francisco, I am beyond grateful for the brilliant sun shining on me right now. Our physical surroundings really do affect us. As do our thoughts. Read on….

I’m taking an experiential course in Mindful Self Compassion. And oh my, I had no idea how hard I am on myself!  I also never realized how much I enjoy sending well-wishes to people,  such as my mum-in-law. She kinda deserves a medal. Mrs. Margaret Wood raised 6 boys (3 of them triplets) while working several jobs, taking in boarders, and somehow, keeping very organized. So she gets an extra dose of well-wishes from me.

Ok, so here’s how well-wishes works: Make sure you are comfy, and upright and in a quiet place. During a meditation, think of someone you care for and offer them well-wishes. And with deep, loving breaths, focus on these words which are drawn from a Buddhist meditation called Loving Kindness Meditation. I love this version from Jack Kornfield. Note: You can make this prayer your own. There is no perfect way to do it. You can change any words:

may you be happy,

may you be peaceful,

may you live with ease

Feel free to spice it up when you wish; any words that are meaningful to you are perfect. Next, picture yourself together with this person both receiving well-wishes. Then you offer well-wishes to yourself.  It’s powerful stuff. Tears. Every. Time.

Imagine if we all spent just 20 minutes a day offering each other happiness, peace, and ease? Sometimes I offer well-wishes to my mom, my husband, my dear friend who is dealing with cancer. And I won’t stop there. Anyone you know need some well-wishes? Just send their name and I will get to work!

With all my love and gratitude,


Rachel Fleischman