All That the Body Gifts You With

The world's favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May.

-Edwin Way Teal

It’s May! I’ve always felt a kinship with the month of May— Springtime, bird-song, cherry blossoms. In honor of the planet - (and my sanity) - I am allowing myself more time for  shutting down and unplugging. I’d love to hear how you are being good to our planet - and yourself. There is so much we can learn from each other. Exciting things are on the horizon. It will be my 17th summer at the Omega Institute! I am deeply touched when I receive emails from my Bliss students. So many of you are incorporating mindfulness, movement, gratitude, creative expression--and dance into your daily lives. You know that our Bliss workshops are the catalyst to health, happiness and well-being. Yay!  So now I ask:

What can I do for YOU?

What are you moving through right now?

Let me know how you are - we are a community, and we need to stick together. Write to 3 Bliss Buddies today!

It is my goal to keep our Bliss work alive. We have a life-changing workshop July 5th - 7th. Omega is an oasis— breathtaking nature, wooded trails, kayaking, hammock napping, lush gardens, community and our wonderful weekend workshop! You do not want to miss this weekend workshop!  Sign up before it fills up! And in case you’ve forgotten your innate awesomeness, here’s a small gift--my wildly popular 10 Ways to Love Your Body More which I wrote in 2004.

See you in the dance…



1. Think of your body as a brilliant tool. Create an inventory of all the things you can do with this body. (Ie; lift furniture, carry heavy groceries, hike, carry babies, climb hills, etc.. ) Impressive, huh?

2. Inhabit your body as a source of pleasure. What do your enjoy doing? What gives this body joy? Put on those sneaks and go for a five minute walk.

3. Know that you have your own style, your own verve, your own beauty. There is no one else exactly like you. Imagine being a little more okay with yourself right now.

4. Count your blessings, not your blemishes. I saw a man with no legs yesterday, just after whining that mine were too fat. What more do I need to say?

5. Start saying to yourself “Life is too short to waste my time and energy disliking my body this way”.

6. Beauty is only skin deep. The most physically beautiful folks are often the most unhappy. Your true nature, your essence is divinely gorgeous. Your soul has no wrinkles.

7. Dance, sweat, shake, twirl, spin, & release those negative beliefs. Shout and feel gratitude for this body that gets to experience so much joy! Get out of your head and into your feet.

8. Get out in nature. It’s hard to be miserable when we are inhabiting our true selves. Your body craves moments in the outdoors. Nourish yourself with green living. A 5 minute walk can work magic.

9. You are perfect, loveable, stunning. We spend our lives believing what we have been told years ago by people we wouldn’t ask for street directions from today. Don’t believe the lies.

10. If you had a year to live, how important would your body image and appearance be? Know anyone who is dead now? How much did you care what they weighed?

CELEBRATE being alive; breathing, resting, laughing. Notice all that this body gifts you with. And if all of this reads as nonsense to you; call me. I care, and I will not allow you to torture yourself. It aint worth it.

Rachel Fleischman