Mid-May Magic!

“Omega is my favorite place. To lead Dance Your Bliss at Omega is sublime.” —Me

Dear Beautiful Bliss Seeker,

I do not often share testimonials with you, but I will never forget Rosemary. She was not sure DYB was right for her.

“Rachel’s workshop is like no other experience I’ve had. She has an amazing capacity to inspire, guide, and support each person in the group exactly where we are. She’ll make you laugh, push you to know yourself better, encourage you to connect with others and let go, and above all, she’ll have you spinning on the floor, reaching for the sky and walking on air.”—Rosemary Feal, PhD

Friends, we are in desperate need of hope-inspiring, life-affirming moments. Please tell someone you love about this powerful workshop. And if you want to feel a sense of purpose, connection and hope, sign up TODAY! The workshop dates are July 5th-7th.

Omega is a Place of BLISS

Imagine being in sacred land. Whether you’re sitting in the gardens listening to songbirds or in a hammock at the lake; Omega brings back home to yourself. It’s my 17th year teaching at Omega and I am beyond grateful. If you have been in a funk, then this workshop is a must for you. Get your wonderful tuchas here!

Rest your mind…free your body…and come home! We’ll stretch our bones, dance our bliss, make art, and walk in the woods. You deserve this!

Sign up TODAY!

Rachel Fleischman