How to Stretch Hope in the World

I’ve been sharing Dance Your Bliss since 1999, and if you’ve been to my classes, you know that I’m a ‘sharing addict.’ A serious one. Sharing gifts, resources, ideas, acts of service or time is really important to our health. Gifting is fun and makes the giver feel great. You inspire a little magic in the world. The repercussions of sharing - the gorgeous and rich domino effect of doing good in this world - creates change. We need this now. 

Sharing gives me hope. 

September gears up my sharing practice. I have a tender experience with autumn.  With the tenderness of Yom Kippur, (a deeply reflective Jewish holiday) and the autumnal equinox so close to one another, I become, a little sad, a little tearful, and a little blue. 


If you’re fortunate enough to be in my October Workshop at the Art Of Living Retreat Center I will be giving in massive ways. PS, It’s in North Carolina, nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. It will be one of my greatest gifts I share this fall.

My friend Daniel Orlansky is another sharing addict. He might give you an eco-friendly cloth napkin to make eating more fun (and far less messy), or, hook you up with a surprise trinket at your door. And it makes me smile like a kid. 

So - our plan is this: Let’s connect people to themselves and one another Let’s create a a culture of kindness and generosity. 

A few 30 DAYS principles to keep in mind:

  • The gift keeps moving. Receive it, and if you feel...give it away.

  • Keep offering gifts. You have so many right under your nose!

  • Be a gifting ninja! Offer em up In secret when you can.

  • Have fun with this. Make is silly!

  • The gifts do not have to be money-based.

  • Make gift-giving into a game. Seriously. Share it with your kids.

When you feel blue, just ask yourself, “Is it a time to give/share/help someone?” Most likely the answer is, “Heck yeah”!

Human beings are fundamentally generous, but our instinct to be generous gets broken down.  We make countless choices every day whether to ask or to turn away from one another. Risk is the core cost of human connection.

You can take a risk. And I’ll be right there with you, being my silly self, offering endless gifts. Don’t tell anyone: It’s our secret.  If you are able, join us at the Art of Living Retreat Center, a stunning and tranquil landscape on the Blue Ridge mountains because nature’s gift never stops giving. 

With my love, 


Rachel Fleischman