Own Your Sprinkle of Righteous Indignation & Keep Going For It

In college I became an aerobics instructor. Don’t laugh. Here’s the deal: I simply fell in love with aerobics classes. Jumping around to dance music was intensely UPLIFTING! After years of jumping, I decided to become a fitness instructor.  The Center City Fitness Center was my workout home, and over time I got to know the fitness manager. She was excited that I was getting certified and set me up with an instructor who I paid to teach me how to teach. 

Once I was trained, certified, and ready to go, I called the director asking if I could sub at the gym. She called me back and told me that I was not a skilled enough instructor to teach there. I was sad for a bit, then I called 10 gyms in Center City. Very quickly I was on many sub lists. A cool year later I phoned the director again, pumped with confidence, and ready to go.  Again she called me back. And again she told me that I wasn’t at the level needed to teach at her center. But she tacked on a little spiciness asking me to “please don't call here again.”

I think of that fitness director now and again. You see she was right; I was not a fit for her gym. And her gym was not the only fitness center in Philly! It’s 26 years later and I am so grateful for this tenacity that I own.

Here’s The Takeaway:

I see students and clients who get a rejection, and want to give up and change course right away. They get so down that they decide they were not cut out for it and want to give up. I say to them “Hell no!” Rejection happens. Get back up. Try again. You've got this!” 

So what can we do to feel better? 

1. Own your sprinkle of righteous indignation (Or anger, rage, etc). Summon up your grown up version of “You think I suck? Well, watch me now!” Works every time. 

2. Close down all devices. Workout for an hour. More if needed. Less if needed. Get rid of old clothes that you never wear. Call 3 friends and leave messages on their phone letting them know that you are ready to be showered with affirmations. 

3. Take a shower.  Change the emotional landscape. Eg: Clean something in your home. Pick weeds outside. Pot a plant. Make a big salad nicoise. Add basil. And get back up on your feet.

4. Throw some CBT at the issue. Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, asks us to look at our distorted thoughts. And ask: Is this thought/belief really and completely true??

5. Ping me. I mean it. rachel@dancingyourbliss.com Just know that if it’s a weekend, I may be slower to respond.

I hope you are even half as resilient as I am. Because if you are, and I know you are, the world is your oyster.

Rachel Fleischman