Dance Your Bliss is a movement system bridging cutting edge neuroscience with dance, meditation,  art (drawing, writing, poetry) and life-affirming exercises.  Come experience your body’s wisdom.

”We have a need to feel joyful, creative, and enough. We're born with verve and creative expression, but somewhere along the way we forget. Dance, creativity, movement and the arts help us to call-up our gifts.  It clears out lies that we tell ourselves about our unworthiness.”

-Rachel Fleischman

When you attend a Dance Your Bliss workshop, you just may leave with:  

  • More energy

  • A happier, more joyful outlook

  • More confidence

  • Better body image: Better sex life

  • Less joint and muscle discomfort

  • Improved sleep

  • Mindful awareness; openness to experiences

Dance Your Bliss

Every now and then I’ll hear about a teacher from students whose work seems particularly moving and powerful. Rachel Fleischman is one of those teachers.
— Elizabeth Lesser | omega institute cofounder, author of Broken Open


It all started when…

Dance Your Bliss was developed in 1999 during Rachel’s tenure as a clinical social worker at a prominent psychiatric hospital in Philadelphia.

“One we would start moving, I would see patients who were severally depressed, or mute even, start to come alive,” says Rachel.

“I worked with women and girls with severe eating disorders and depression. They hated themselves and were literally trying to disappear. I drew from my yoga training, expressive psychology, guided imagery, and relaxation techniques. I would see my my patients transform and sense a glimmer of hope and joy. 

Almost 20 years later, I see that when we move with permission, safety, and compassion, we enter a place of relaxation, trust, and self-love. I see this in every class I teach."

In addition to Dance Your Bliss workshops, Rachel offers one-on-one Bliss Coaching sessions. Learn more about Bliss Coaching or contact Rachel to book time. 


While amazingly skilled and deeply grounded in many techniques and therapeutic modalities — it is Rachel's authentic presence that gives her work such power. She shines her light in all areas of her work — whether she is teaching or in one-on-one counseling. She literally and virtually moves individuals into expanded creativity, new possibilities, and greater fulfillment.



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