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Move and be Moved

A top-notch retreat for body and soul. Get out of your head and into your feet with Rachel Fleischman.
— Women First Magazine
Dance Your Bliss Improve Your Mood

boost your mood

Dance Your Bliss Boost Your Energy

increase energy

Dance Your Bliss Improve Your Sex Life

better intimacy

Dance your Bliss Improve Your Body Image

get body confident


What to expect

Stunning music. A safe and friendly environment. Good people. Learning to move in new and exciting ways. Loving your body like never better. Once your creative juices are firing, get ready to draw, write, and make art. Always with guidance. Always with support.


What people are saying

“Dance Your Bliss is restorative, energizing, thought-provoking and Spirit-invoking. Rachel really brings her whole heart to class, and creates a safe space for sacred exploration. I was both emotionally and physically moved by my wonderful experience!” 

“Rachel Fleischman is a gifted therapist whose brilliant insights and profound wisdom are gently given and lovingly shared. Her approach is full of joy, compassion and encouragement.”

“Space to move, exactly the way you want to. Rachel stands for movement, healing, bliss, authenticity, body, love and acceptance. Her workshops are transformational and empowering and remind you of the strength and beauty that is inside each of us.”


Rachel has brought Dance Your Bliss workshops to the following wonderful organizations: