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Lake Austin Spa

Lake Austin Spa & Resort November 2014

Friday 7th - Monday 10th, 2014

MIndfulness in Motion Free Coaching Call

Thursday 30th - Thursday 30th, 2014

Join Rachel and your Dance Your Bliss friends for a FREE live coaching call
to help you get out of your head and into the Now.

~Learn a 1 minute breathing technique you can use any time you feel stressed
~Tap into your most creative, alive and joy-filled self
~Have fun with other Bliss-sisters and Bliss-Bros
~It's FREE, if you sign up by October 15th

Omega Institute Summer Workshops

Friday 8th - Sunday 10th, 2014

Dance Your Bliss Mount Madonna Weekend

Dance Your Bliss; A Healing System to Change Your Life May 9th - 11th

Friday 9th - Sunday 11th, 2014

Using sacred wisdom and experiential techniques, we learn how to bring emotions into the physical body so they can be seen, felt, and healed. Through a combination of mindfulness meditation, movement, guided imagery, journaling, expressive arts, poetry, and play, we begin a healing process that guides us to release pain, unleash our power and passion, and experience immediate positive change in our lives.

Dance Your Bliss Day-Long Workshop @ Sofia University

Sunday January 12th 10am - 6pm

Sunday 12th


“Every now and then I’ll hear about a teacher from students whose work seems particularly moving and powerful. Rachel Feischman is one of those teachers. I highly recommend her as a teacher.”

~Elizabeth Lesser, CoFounder Omega Institute, best-selling author Broken Open

rachel_bio_picWelcome to a new and transformative world. Dance Your Bliss™, has been called a “top-notch retreat for mind-body-and soul. Get out of your head and into your feet with Rachel Fleischman and your life will change.” (Women First magazine).

Dance Your Bliss was developed by Rachel Fleischman, a leading Body-Mind Psychotherapist and movement expert. Noticing that her clients loved the experience of movement and body-awareness, she very slowly and carefully crafted this unique body-mind healing system. Utilizing 18 years of education and experience, Dance Your Bliss was birthed as an innovative and powerful system intended to change your life.

Dance Your Bliss has supported hundreds of individuals in living their best selves. Much more than dance, this system combines creative movement and body-centered therapies to tap into your unique rhythm, celebrate your inner strengths and most of all, have a blast!

Each workshop is tailor-made with your needs in mind. You will heal and transform old mythologies using powerful body-oriented expressive therapy techniques. Expect to become embodied and empowered, celebrating the body and cycling through expressive arts; namely creative writing, drawing, and of course; movement.

Discover. Believe. Dance

“Let me tell you; I am a stiff, middle-aged white guy..somewhat intellectual – even aloof….I shy away from most group activities. I found myself spinning around the room, arms flying, shoulders swinging , sweatier and happier by the end! ‘Thank You’ doesn’t even scratch the surface.
~Dan K, Edison, N.J.

“When we get out of our heads and into our feet, we access the wisdom in the body and discover expression, freedom and joy.”  - Rachel Fleischman

There are no steps to follow and you can’t ever be wrong. Whether you just want a workout, are looking for a breakthrough or seeking a natural high, Dance Your Bliss™ can change your life.