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Hollyhock June Retreat

Hollyhock Retreat Centre

Saturday Jun 11, 2016 - Wednesday Jun 15, 2016

ance Your Bliss™ is a powerful psychotherapeutic system that combines leading neuroscience, ancient wisdom, and embodiment to help you rewire and restore.

Through carefully constructed movements, somatic exercises, and guided breathing, you come home to your body and find the confidence and joy that are your birthright. Gain concrete and effective tools to help you cultivate the balance, passion, creativity, and authenticity necessary to reach your full potential.

Using expressive techniques to unlock the link between emotions and movement, renowned psychotherapist and movement expert, Rachel Fleischman, will assist you in developing a simple yet powerful embodiment "recipe" that you can use to live a more wholehearted existence. Jumpstart your journey to fulfilment with this unique and impactful mind-body experience.

Women’s Daylong Retreat

Emanu El San Francisco

Saturday May 21, 2016

Dance Your Bliss @ Yoga Garden SF

Dance Your Bliss @ Yoga Garden

Saturday May 7, 2016

Dance Your Bliss @ Yoga Garden SF

Saturday May 7, 2016 - Saturday May 7, 2016

Philly Urban Bliss Retreat!

Mama's Wellness Joint

Saturday Nov 21, 2015 - Sunday Nov 22, 2015

Philly in autumn. Lovely parks. Tree lined streets. Brick and brownstone. Picturesque charm that will transport you to a simpler time. Breathe in crisp autumn air. Walk the winsome cobblestone streets. Take in culture, art, beauty!


“Every now and then I’ll hear about a teacher from students whose work seems particularly moving and powerful.  Rachel Fleischman is one of those teachers.  I highly recommend her as a teacher.”

~Elizabeth Lesser, CoFounder Omega Institute, best-selling author Broken Open

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A top-notch retreat for body-and soul. Get out of your head and into your feet with Rachel Fleischman.   
~Women First magazine

Move and Be Moved.

Through a unique hybrid of yoga, meditation, and improvisational movement, DYB helps people reconnect with the body and clear the mind.

Therapist and choreographer Rachel Fleischman’s guided movement therapy classes restore, awaken, and refresh. This isn’t a butt-kicking workout — classes focus on joyfully reuniting with the body, not punishing it. In a friendly, welcoming, supportive environment, Rachel leads participants through four key stages of movement — a program designed to alleviate stress and foster well-being. Participants leave feeling centered and empowered.



In day-to-day life, we’re limited in the ways we move through the world. We go through the motions -literally: getting dressed, making coffee, commuting to work. In a world where many of us spend the majority of our days slumped in front of a computer, necessarily disconnected from our bodies, it’s become increasingly important to carve out time to reconnect. DYB helps people do just that.


DYB introduces motion that goes beyond the same old routine, bringing attention to every part of the body through guided improvisational movement. Class participants are given general instruction and guidance and are then free to collectively explore that on their own terms all within the safe, inspiring, nurturing environment of the studio.  DYB is centered on the belief that there is no right or wrong way to move — just move! Classes are relaxed, joyful, and fun, and set to a great soundtrack that makes it easy to find your rhythm.



Each workshop begins and ends with a guided meditation to help you let go of the day and enter a calm and centered feeling.



DYB classes offer all kinds of great benefits. Just one class can:

  • Improve energy and vitality
  • Inspire a happier, more joyful outlook
  • Build confidence
  • Improve body image
  • Help battle depression
  • Ease pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Develop mindful awareness
  • Lower blood pressure


What to expect

Great music. A safe and friendly environment. Always. A hybrid feel. Yoga, jazz, modern, samba, and African dance inspired movements all come into play. Then, when your creative juices are firing, we classes tap into drawing, guided meditations, writing and art-making.


Dance with Rachel this spring at Hollyhock Retreat Center!  Hollyhock.logo
June  11th – 15th 2016

       (Partial scholarships are available)



“When we get out of our heads and into our feet, we access the wisdom in the body and discover expression, freedom and joy.”  – Rachel Fleischman