Welcome to my practice

You have the innate potential to heal, to love and be loved, and have a vibrant, rich life. You do not need to suffer. Coaching can improve your life.

What you can expect

You can expect to be supported, always, foremost. I offer a fresh perspective and non-judgmental feedback. I use a variety of techniques designed to help you tap into your innate wisdom. There will always be empathic support and ideas for your journey. And some belly laughs.

In order to foster maximum growth, a commitment to the continuation of this work is recommended. Together we assess your current situation and develop a program to meet your long and short term goals.

I can help you create a more meaningful & fulfilling life that is not influenced by the residue of earlier struggle, but instead comes from a powerful place within. Whether you are dealing with the acute stress of a nasty divorce, or struggle with anxiety or self-esteem issues, I can help.

With close to 2 decades of experience I bring a combination of traditional psychotherapy with body awareness, neuropsychology, coaching and expressive arts. Together, we identify your strengths, so that you can live with more joy, confidence and presence.

It’s totally possible to let go of fear, anger, depression and creative blocks. Counseling is about helping you reach your goals while creating a more meaningful life.  My clients develop access to experience greater aliveness, creativity and fulfillment in their lives. And you can too.


My specialties include: 

  • Relationship issues for individuals and couples
  • Premarital and marital counseling
  • Men’s issues
  • Career and life path
  • Life transition issues (e.g., work-life balance, caring for elderly parents)
  • Self esteem and empowerment
  • Sex and intimacy
  • Anxiety, panic attacks and depression